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13 June 1979
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adoption, alias, ani difranco, annapolis, anne lamott, anthony bourdain, arrested development, art, baking, blue like jazz, blueberries, bottles, breakfast, brooke fraser, brothers & sisters, burlap to cashmere, cake, camping, candles, chevy's, chipotle, christianity, church, cobalt blue, coffee, comfy beds, community, cooking, creative memories, cupcakes, dave barnes, david crowder band, david sedaris, derek webb, dessert, disney world, donald miller, everybody loves raymond, family, fleming and john, food tv, francine rivers, french fries, gerber daisies, giada de laurentiis, ginger peach tea, god, good food, hash browns, hiking, holt international, ice cream, illuminations, independent film, infj, irises, jackson hole, jesus, jill phillips, jodi piccoult, john mayer, jon and kate, jon and kate plus8, judd and maggie, korea, lifetime movies, lost, martha stewart, maryland, mat kearney, matt wertz, mint choco chip, mollie katzen, montrose christian school, moosewood, new life, nickel creek, npr, once, once and again, over the rhine, panera, paula deen, pcos, photography, polycystic ovarian syndrome, potatoes, pushing daisies, reading, real simple, recipes, salon.com, samoas, sarah mclachlan, scrapbooking, seneca creek community church, sixpence none the richer, small groups, summertime, target, tess wiley, the beach, the bible, the office, top chef, traveling, umuc, vesper, waffle house, waitwait don't tell me, waterdeep, whole foods, whole fruit bars, wolf trap, world market, worship